Spring 2019 – Vol. 8
by James B. Nicola


When Betty Darber didn’t pick the cake up
I did all I could do to save it for
her. Called her three times. She did not pick up.
There was no point in calling any more

but I did phone the hall a few hours later,
and sure enough, the thing was canceled. Well
there’s not much room in my refrigerator;
I had to put the cake out here to sell

half-price. Let me remove the groom and bride.
You notice the resemblance in the fig-
urines? They ordered that special. Sure, I’d
prefer this in the center of a big

dance hall. What can you do? Y’know, it’s funny,
they pay in full with the order, so I make
out fine, and I can use the extra money,
but—Hey, your change! Here. And enjoy the cake.