“just call the bank”

Spring 2015 – Vol. 4
by Kamden Hilliard


because i am twenty / sadder than i am silly

the bank sounds all: in lieu of a properly answered security question 

we will expect     several drops of skin 

to im/prove     identity access though unfortunately 

we are unable to provide     any personal 

information at this time             thankyouhaveaniceday


which is shitty and not real/made up 

but this feels realer        so the real question becomes security    

how to keep something in and how to keep something

out and down and out       is the world still mad/hate at me

if im making it all up? or

                               concerned      about the second

coming and my social munchausens syndrome 

sometimes everything in the world

is a danger and waiting to happen me       i am right and showered in trigger

warnings thank you apocalypse!      thank you jesus for making me pitiable 

dying for our sins was so chill      

                                      but maybe next time 

lose a leg      something smaller        cause the white dude

who owned the sky over my granddad       and my granddad as well

dont deserve anything     but a bit of gravel (opened and drooling on rock)     

too much forgiveness and catches me second guessing consistently

the world is bad / but it makes me feel all the way awful–im not all the way

lying about the damage            just slowly sitting down and white lying everywhere

the type a dude to open break              a kinna dude that asks 

his bank     for an access number     and cant get it his identity      is not yet verified.